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Walk your way to health

Published: October 01, 2021

Walk your way to health and fitness
Walk your way to health and fitness

There are numerous health benefits to be gained from being physically active and walking can help you reap many of those health benefits.

Walking is a popular activity and something that most of us do every day, but did you know that walking is an effective cardiovascular fitness builder?  
Building your cardiovascular fitness and gaining health benefits may not be at the top of your "to do" list, but a regular walking program can help with your weight loss and weight maintenance program, and help you feel and look good.
Walking is an easy way to make the move from being sedentary to being active.
Because walking is a versatile physical activity it can play a significant role in your physical activity plan, or a supporting role to other more intense activities.
You can walk on your own or use it as a means to socialise with friends and family while at the same time obtaining health benefits.
All too frequently walking is undervalued as a health promoting physical activity, but there are many benefits to making walking a part of your physical activity plan. 
The cost associated with many exercise programs is often an obstacle for many people wanting to embark on a physical activity program, but one of the benefits of walking is that it is an inexpensive activity. 
Walking provides value for money as the financial cost is low relative to the potential benefits.
If you are sceptical about including walking in your physical activity program, and/or want to make the most of the walking that you already do, read on to learn about the health benefits to be gained from walking, and ways to obtain those benefits.


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