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About Us

Discover healthy living that works for you.

One diet or exercise plan does not fit all! We are all unique and when it comes to successfully maintaining our health, each of us needs to develop a personal philosophy (way of life) that fits our goals and motivations. Our goal is to help you develop and enhance your health philosophy in the way that best suits your personal requirements.

"Healthy Living through Understanding"

We believe that the key to a healthy philosophy is education. If you understand the core concepts behind how your body works, how the foods you eat are used by your body and the impact the exercise you do has on your body functions then you are in the best position to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle for yourself.

"A Healthy Philosophy" is built on four core concepts: Know yourself, Eat Well, Exercise and Get Healthy. Each section of the site provides you with detailed information ranging from introductory and in-depth background materials to case studies and how-to courses focused on helping you understand the concept.

"What Makes Us Different?"

There are many web sites that provide information about diet, exercise, health and wellness but fail to provide the background or reference material to back up their statements. In some cases the information presented is there to push an agenda or to sell a product and can be biased. So what makes our site different?

Our primary focus is on how eating well and exercise can enhance health, not only on weight loss. Our eating well and exercise guidelines are based on scientifically established principles and research and our sources are referenced. We have no advertising on our site and are not influenced by vested interest.

We provide you with a fundamental understanding of how eating well and exercise are related to health and how these two components can enhance or have a negative effect on your health. You will be able to decide for yourself the diet and exercise plan that is the healthy one for you.