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Triceps: Strength and endurance for function and aesthetics

Published: November 26, 2021

The triceps
The triceps

There are several reasons why you may want to exercise your triceps.

You may want to shape your arms so they look good in T-shirts, or you may want to build strength and endurance for your athletic and sporting activities.
Perhaps you want to get rid of that flabby stuff that wobbles under your upper arms when you wave your arms. Your weight loss seems to have made it worse!
What can you do to achieve your goals?  Are there exercises that you can do at home without expensive equipment?
Your triceps are important muscles which are active in many everyday activities. Increasing muscle strength and endurance in your triceps can make these daily activities easier.
From an aesthetic perspective weight training exercises which target the muscles in your upper arm not only increase muscle strength and endurance, but can also improve muscle tone to give you shapelier upper arms.
If you want to get rid of flabby upper arms, triceps exercises, along with exercises that work your biceps, chest and shoulders can help reduce the flabbiness.
Cardiovascular training can help balance your workouts.
This article focuses on your triceps.
However, it is important to balance these exercises with exercises for your biceps, chest and shoulders. You also need to balance weight training with stretching for flexibility.
What are your triceps? Your triceps...link to the full article to learn more.


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