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Diet "waist" land

Published: June 21, 2021

The cabbage diet
The cabbage diet

On any given day it is quite likely that someone somewhere has made the decision to lose weight and is highly motivated to get started.

The motivating factors may be aesthetic, health related, sports related, or a combination of many factors.
Time may be of the essence especially if a celebration or vacation is scheduled in the near future.
However, the common goal for most people is weight loss and hopefully a smaller belly and waist.
Even if your reason for losing weight is not primarily to improve health the idea of weight loss somehow seems to be associated with improved health.
After all, don’t health messages extort us to attain and maintain a healthy body weight and waist circumference?
For many people this entails weight/waist loss.
Once weight loss has been decided upon the next step is to find a way of losing weight.  This is perhaps where complications set in.
Losing weight should be as simple as eating less and being more active: right? But is it?
Maybe you ask a friend or relative how they managed to lose their weight last year. Maybe you do an internet search.  Whatever means you choose to find a “diet” you will be met by conflicting reports about the best way to lose weight.
You also want your weight loss to be permanent.
So many people you know lose a lot of weight only to put the weight back on: and sometimes more.
Link to the full article and learn about critical diet thinking which can help you develop a diet that works for you.

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