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Making Healthy Food Choices: updated

Published: November 02, 2019

Enjoy fruit as a snack
Enjoy fruit as a snack

When you think about making healthy food choices you probably immediately think about the types of foods that you will select.

Choosing the nutrients that you need for a healthy diet is part of making a healthy food choice.
However, there are many other factors that influence the "healthy" food choices that you make, and which ultimately affect the food selection that you purchase.
What is a healthy food choice?
Superficially a healthy food choice may refer to choosing foods that are considered healthy or that will provide you with the nutrients that are required for good health or for being healthy.
However, "being healthy" or in "good health" means different things to different people.
There are many overlapping understandings of being healthy, but no distinct version.
Not only do people take into account their physical health when talking about being healthy, but they also refer to mental, spiritual and a holistic or a comprehensive sense of well being.
Culture and traditional values form part of that holistic picture of being healthy, as do work, family, social and economic commitments.
Healthy food choices must then "fit" with your understanding of being healthy. This comes from "knowing yourself" to determine what you personally want to achieve health-wise from you eating practices.
Making healthy food choices includes selecting foods that are going to provide you with all the nutrients your body requires for life, but that is not the complete picture.
For some people the pleasure of food is paramount where as other people think of food only as a fuel...link to the full article to learn more.