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Fish oil supplements or 2 servings of fish?

Published: August 11, 2017

Salmon is a source of EPA and DHA
Salmon is a source of EPA and DHA

Fish oil supplements belong to an ever growing body of complementary and alternative medicine therapies the use of which has steadily risen over the past few decades.

The complementary and alternative medicine product, or nautral health product, market in the US draws in more than $30 billion per year with approximately $15 million from products such as omega-3 fatty acid supplements.
What is it about fish oil supplements that is so attractive?
Why is fish oil important to health?
For several decades it has been acknowledged that eating fish, particularly oily fish such as salmon, herrings and mackerel, may improve heart health and decrease your risk of heart disease.
There are several reasons for this association:

 Consumption of omega-3 fatty acids appears to be associated with:

Fatty fish are particularly rich...click here to link to the full article.

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