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Vitamin A: An essential fat soluble vitamin

Published: November 12, 2021

Whole milk and fortified milk contain vitamin A
Whole milk and fortified milk contain vitamin A

Vitamin A, an essential nutrient, describes several compounds which express similar biological activity.

These compounds are involved in a variety of metabolic processes in your body which have a huge impact on your health.
Vitamin A in its various forms can be obtained from both animal and plant food sources. Your body is remarkably well adapted to use the various vitamin A compounds.
Different forms of vitamin A are associated with specific metabolic processes such as:

One form of vitamin A also has anti-oxidant properties which may inhibit the effects of aging and decrease your risk of several chronic diseases.

As with most nutrients a deficiency or excess of vitamin A can adversely affect your health.
Do you know how much vitamin A you consume? Do you know how much vitamin A you need on a daily basis?
Multi-vitamin supplements typically contain between 750 and 1500 RAE per dose.
Is this enough or too much?
What about the vitamin A in your food and what are RAEs?
Maybe you’ve heard that large doses of vitamin A can heal acne. Did the cod liver oil your mother gave you several times a week provide you with enough vitamin A as a child? 
If you’re not sure how much vitamin A you need, or which food sources are good sources of the vitamin learn more about vitamin A by reading the full article.


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