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Milk: here to stay?

Published: January 31, 2020

Fresh milk: healthy or not?
Fresh milk: healthy or not?

From time to time the question about whether or not milk has a place in healthy food practices raises attention.

Proponents of milk as part of a healthy eating plan are often perceived as those who will profit most from milk sales (dairy farmers) and people who they lobby.
At the other end of the milk debate spectrum are people firmly against milk (or dairy) consumption based on their beliefs such as veganism and/or animal rights.
Also in this debate are people for whom milk and other dairy products may cause allergies or gastrointestinal problems.
If milk and other dairy products are part of your eating for health plan you may be concerned that your eating plan may not be so healthy after all.
Understanding how milk and dairy products came to be considered a dietary stalwart may help you decide whether or not milk and dairy products have a place in your eating for health plan.
Many national food guides, particularly in northern countries, have promoted dairy as an important food group. However, some of these national healthy eating guidelines are changing with the promotion of plant foods taking the spotlight.
Anti-milk consumers may take this as a sign that dairy is at last being recognized as "unhealthy". Media reports interpret this change to denote milk as “bad” which may compound people’s confusion around healthy eating practices.
A common argument from anti-dairy consumers is that once weaned animals, including humans, no longer require milk or tolerate milk: most species lose the ability to digest milk soon after weaning.
However, while this is true for many humans, some people retain the ability to digest milk throughout their lives. How and why is this? What benefit does the ability to digest milk have for people?
Adopting agriculture and human genetic change
The beginnings of dairying...link to the full article to learn more.

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